Fire shows Ireland

When looking for fire entertainers
to breathe Fire, projecting a 10ft long inferno
Eat real hot flames:
Ask Eile Entertainments

We have fire jugglers &
double ended fire staff artists.
Fire chains & Fire poi.
How about your name or logo drawn in flames !!!
Questions & Answers

Q* Do you use real fire?
A* Yes, & it's hot!.

Q* Do I need a fire permit?
A* Most of our outdoor performances don't need a permit. We always promote proper fire safety and always require a
safety distance between the performer and the audience. We will provide appropriate fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. When indoors, venues vary as the management or owner might have their own policies concerning fire performance.
Please keep in mind fire juggling, fire breathing and fire eating are different than pyrotechnics
and do not require the same licensing as a pyrotechnic display.

Q*  What size performance area will we need?
A*  Fire performers will need a 'safety zone' around them in all directions of at least 10 feet.
If there are windy conditions, this will have to be extended.
For indoor venues, a ceiling height of at least 10 feet will allow for small fire tricks,
but ceiling heights of 15 feet and greater will allow for large displays of fire breathing.

Q*  Do we need to provide anything?
A*  Yes our performs need a place to change and put their belongings
Fire performas
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