The Other brothers
Incredible 7 wonders

The Other Brothers are amazing high-energy travelling salesmen of old, pedalling their unique brand of comedy as the 'elixir’
to cure all major ailments.

Their crazy antics demonstrate
the elixirs 7 wonders using
Real Magic,

A BED of 1600 NAILS, Fire eating, Escapology, Juggling, and unbelievable Stunts.

Proclaiming the incredible amazing
7 wonders of the elixir of life!

Based on the old western traveling
salesmen, the Other Brothers sell
their unique brand of comedy as an
elixir for all major ailments
afflicting humans today

As the Other Brothers go through each
wonder one by one, they prove the
powers of the life elixir using 
magic and unbelievable stunts,
( had you not seen it with your own
eyes!! )
leaving crowds gasping in awe and
laughing at the high-energy, crazy
antics and one-liners, this is a
street show like no other ever... In
the world!!.

Big Chief Random Chaos - Other brother 2.

On the other hand, Big Chief has a large personality!
A man of loud words.
He may randomly create chaos and shatter the patter of his other,
smoother, more refined sibling.

Big Chief has a f.a.s. award in pottery and boot-binding.
'The Promenade Festival' 2015
"The Other Brothers stole the show
for me at this year’s Promenade
Festival; the crowds stood in
amazement as they walked on broken
glass and broke concrete blocks
with a sledgehammer while one of
them lay on a bed of nails. It was
a thrilling show enjoyed by all the
Keith Daniels, The Promenade Festival

Safety Mick - Other brother 1.

Mick is a highly intelligent, motivated salesman who totally believes
in this product!

Mick drags his other brother through this wonderful playground called
the world,

Mick has a P.h.D. in Greek gardening.

Show duration - 35 minutes.

Street Show
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The other brothers
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The other brothers